Smartphone Smartphone

Smartphone docomo
A smartphone that seems like an easily accessible tool to the user.

DJ Headphones DJ Headphones

DJ Headphones Pioneer DJ
Headphones specially conceived of with DJs in mind.

Hair Styling Tools Hair Styling Tools

Hair Styling Tools mod's hair
A hair straightener and a curling iron created using the abundant knowledge and experience of mod's hair.

Torch Torch

Torch MUJI
A water resistant LED torch that can be used with either a wide or a concentrated beam.

Radio Radio

Radio MUJI
A radio with a hand-crank charger.

Smoothie Blender Smoothie Blender

Smoothie Blender Vitantonio
A blender with a sense of freshness that has been designed as a kitchen aid.

Desk Fan Desk Fan

Desk Fan MUJI
While compact in size, this desk fan boasts uniquely shaped dual inverse blades.

Blender Blender

Blender Vitantonio
Blend and go - the container used for blending functions as a travel container.

Humidifier Humidifier

Humidifier MUJI
An aroma humidifier that takes up little space and can be used anywhere, such as on a tabletop.

Lacquerware Cup Lacquerware Cup

Lacquerware Cup ISUKE
Cups designed using lacquer, gold lacquer and the moon as a motif.

Cutting Board Cutting Board

Cutting Board Miyazaki Mokuzai
Cutting boards created using factory offcuts.

Table Light Table Light

Table Light MUJI
Illuminating the area around you, this is portable and has a rechargeable battery.

Tea Bottle Tea Bottle

Tea Bottle Vitantonio
A tea bottle that combines a teapot and a tumbler.

Lamp Lamp

Lamp Nebuta Style
Sections of traditionally used designs have been used as patterns on the shades.

Cup / Bowl Cup / Bowl

Cup / Bowl Kumagai
The metal included in the glaze crystalizes during the cooling process and creates a beautiful pattern.

Tray Tray

Tray Covac
A curious tray, when something is placed on it, the part of the tray on which the object rests sinks.

Earphones Earphones

Earphones Final
Earphones with an acoustically optimized housing achieved through a special metal processing method.

Chopsticks Chopsticks

Chopsticks Matsukan
Mealtimes are enhanced with the various ideas portrayed with these chopsticks.

Power Board Power Board

Power Board MUJI
A power board series where sockets and cords can be combined to meet the user's needs.

Japanese Chair Japanese Chair

Japanese Chair Miyazaki Mokuzai
Chairs designed for use in a Japanese tatami room.

Humidifier Humidifier

Humidifier ±0
A humidifier shaped like a container that water has been collected in.

Circulator Circulator

Circulator MUJI
A circulator whose shape has been derived for effective performance.

Smartphone Stands Smartphone Stands

Smartphone Stands Softbank C&S
They're not just stands that hold your smartphone - each stand has been afforded a role to play.

Earphones Earphones

Earphones YAMAHA
A compact design, the YAMAHA logo can clearly be seen when the earphones are being worn.

Earphones Earphones

Earphones YAMAHA
A design that appears at its most attractive when it is worn.

Basket Basket

Basket Daydo
A basket that can easily be opened by turning it upside down.

Air Purifier Air Purifier

Air Purifier MUJI
We gave form to the image of the filter "filtering".

Bicycle Bicycle

Bicycle FUTAKU + TIG
A that bicycle expresses the beauty of the skills involved in welding and metal processing.

DC Fan DC Fan

DC Fan ±0
The shape of the blades have been acquired using the principles of aerodynamics.

Mobile Battery Mobile Battery

Mobile Battery MUJI
A shape that is just right for use in a supporting role when the need arises.

Headphones Headphones

Headphones YAMAHA
Headphones are also a kind of sound-playing musical instrument.

Hair Dryer Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer MUJI
Since it employs a dual fan, this compact hairdryer has a powerful airflow.

Wooden Tableware Wooden Tableware

Wooden Tableware ISUKE
A tableware series where the grain of the wood used is portrayed as a decoration.

Headphones Headphones

Headphones Final
Headphones that have you feeling a sound spread as though there is a vast arena inside them.

Panel Heater Panel Heater

Panel Heater ±0
This panel heater, which doesn't pollute the brisk winter air, is best suited to somewhere that is quiet.

Humidifier Humidifier

Humidifier ±0
The different colored parts of this product form a cadence of color.

Wall Clock Wall Clock

Wall Clock
A wall clock designed with an image of time markers in mind.

Alarm Clock Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock MONDO
A clock whose time markers are expressed using small protrusions.

Travel Clock Travel Clock

Travel Clock MONDO
A small, cute clock with an alarm function.

Polar Series Polar Series

Polar Series REALFAKE
Animals living in the polar region, created from specialty paper with a raised texture.

Torch Torch

An LED torch shaped like a cone that has been cut into a square.

Digital Clock Digital Clock

Digital Clock MONDO
A digital clock with an alarm function, this product displays the time, temperature and humidity.

Table Fan Table Fan

Table Fan ±0
A small fan that can be placed either on a table or on the floor when in use.

Earphones Earphones

Earphones Final
Earphones made of solid, barrel-finished brass.

Loupe Loupe

A magnifying glass that is rectangular like a screen.

Compact Bicycle Compact Bicycle

Compact Bicycle MUJI
A 20 inch compact bicycle.

Digital Calendar Digital Calendar

Digital Calendar MONDO
A digital calendar that can be placed on a desk or table or hung on the wall.

Calculator Calculator

It appears to be floating just above the desk.

Carbon Heater Carbon Heater

Carbon Heater ±0
A heater with a rather curious revolving movement.

Mobile Light Mobile Light

Mobile Light MUJI
Folds down into a compact package.

Wireless Speaker Wireless Speaker

Wireless Speaker maxell
A wireless speaker that utilizes the HIFI Reverb system.

Rechargeable Battery With LED Light Rechargeable Battery With LED Light

Rechargeable Battery With LED Light
A battery with a light attached to it that can be charged using solar power.

Tricycle Tricycle

Tricycle MUJI
A tricycle with a steering pole attached.

High Position Fan High Position Fan

High Position Fan ±0
A fan that is just right for a lifestyle that centers around sitting on chairs rather than on the floor.

Sofa Sofa

Sofa Hukla
A sofa that is compact yet extremely comfortable.

Earphones Earphones

Earphones Final
A shape created from hints gleamed from jet engines.

Timer Timer

Looks attractive when placed on a counter or even when attached to something using a magnet.

Clock With Thermo-Hygrometer Clock With Thermo-Hygrometer

Clock With Thermo-Hygrometer MONDO
Looks attractive when placed on a counter or even when hung on a wall.

3D Sensor Pedometer 3D Sensor Pedometer

3D Sensor Pedometer MONDO
Looks attractive when hung from something.

Heater with Steam Function Heater with Steam Function

Heater with Steam Function ±0
A far-infrared electric heater with steam function.

Mini Fan Heater Mini Fan Heater

Mini Fan Heater ±0
A fan heater that is well-suited to small spaces such as under a desk or the toilet.

Animals of the Savannah Animals of the Savannah

Animals of the Savannah REALFAKE
They have a realistic texture but are actually fake.

Earphones Earphones

Earphones Final
Earphones that have been created with an intense focus on sound quality.

Light Light

Light Hiyoshiya
Moving the central ring up and down changes the shape of the shade.

LED Lantern LED Lantern

LED Lantern MUJI
When you lift it up, it's a lantern; when you tilt it, it's a torch.


Earphones Final
The image of a cone-shaped object is that is produces good sound resonance.

Recycled Glass Light

Recycled Glass Light MUJI
The light source has been transformed into a shade.

Bathroom Scales

Bathroom Scales MUJI
A rounded shape that feels good to bare feet.

Compact Fan Compact Fan

Compact Fan MUJI
A small fan with a handle added to it.

Silicone Light Silicone Light

Silicone Light MUJI
Made of silicone, the shades don't break.

Porcelain Light

Porcelain Light MUJI
A light utilizing specially developed porcelain that filters light through it.

Wood Light

Wood Light MUJI
Created from bent wood, light passes through to the ceiling, too.

CD Recorder

CD Recorder MUJI
The key player is the music.


Stool MUJI
Things you expect to find all over the place, yet surprisingly don't.

Low Table Low Table

Low Table MUJI
When assembled, the three sections of squared timber hold each other in place.

Projector Projector

Projector EIKI
A square shape with rounded edges that has a section cut out of it.

Air Purifier / Heater

Air Purifier / Heater MUJI
Has a tidy, rounded shape.

Air Purifier

Air Purifier MUJI
The air inlet is shaped like an air duct.

1seg TV

1seg TV Corega
A small TV that looks like a plaything.

Broadband Modem Broadband Modem

Broadband Modem SDN
A modem with a gently rounded, endearing shape.

Spot Light

Spot Light MUJI
With its aluminum and resin shade, its simple silhouette has an unobtrusive presence when not lit.

Desk Light

Desk Light MUJI
The simple aluminum structure affords this product a beautiful silhouette.

Hair Iron Hair Iron

Hair Iron MUJI
A hair iron that has purposely been attributed a plain, appliance-like guise.

Hair Dryer Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer MUJI
A commercial dryer has been modified.

Coffee Maker Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker MUJI
A form carefully configured on the function and operation of the product.

Hot Water Dispenser Hot Water Dispenser

Hot Water Dispenser MUJI
A standard shape for pouring.

Tooth Brush

Tooth Brush MUJI
A shape that makes for easy control of the brush.

DVD Player DVD Player

The buttons have been arranged systematically in line with the order of operations.

Coat Stand Coat Stand

Coat StandMUJI
A coat stand that is easy to assemble.